An Easy Way To Make A Bag From The Glass Neck Of Mineral Water

I was found this creativities from my teacher's friend when I entered her room  and suprisingly a beautiful big bag besides her. She was made herself from the glass neck of mineral water. Yes, this is a way to recycle of plastic material. I asked her, how do you make it and then she show me a bag rounded neck glass and starting to weaved.
Actually, there are much more weaving creativity. You can create a rounded , ellips or cubes bag shapes or other woven motif . Even just tiny, midlle or big bags and now I guides you how to make it.

Firstly , you must separate the glass fron the neck :

Then, start weaving the necks with this pattern :

Make some others weavings :

String up all weaving to shape bag motif as you like and bind with a rope
Give finishing touch with some accessories :


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