4 Steps To Process Handycraft's Material From Water Hyacinth

4 Steps To Process Handycraft's Material From Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) is a free-floating perennial plant that can grow to a height of 3 feet. The dark green leave blades are circular to elliptical in shape attached to a spongy, inflated petiole. Underneath the water is a thick, heavily branched, dark fibrous root system. The water hyacinth has striking light blue to violet flowers located on a terminal spike. Water hyacinth is a very aggressive invader and can form thick mats. If these mats cover the entire surface of the pond they can cause oxygen depletions and fish kills. Water hyacinths should be controlled so they do not cover the entire pond. So, Water Hyacint is enemy of ecology and become natural waste because of these characteristics.

But wait a minute, I have hunted some articles of the Water Hyacinth's advantages. It's amazing!, you know what. many handycrafts be produced because of its natural fiber texture. It's limber, light and not easily broken. I ever made a beautiful frame and this tutorial will guide you to make it in my next article. Some others such as :





You should process water hyacinths'  raw material and  there are at least 5 steps to process become ready material.

1. Washing : Clean water hyacinth from the dirth, spray it until odorless.
2 .Sorting : Separate leaves with the stalks. Cut it and this stalks and stems would be utilized and the leaves can be used as fertilizer.
3.Drying : Dry it in the sun for a week and this process become a dry fiber and fawn-coloured.
4.Weaving : Weave it as your handycraft pattern and now this steps is ready to make much more kind of handycraft. Let's explore your idea.


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