Dodol Bengkel, Soft Sticky Glutinous Rice Candy

Dodol Bengkel, Soft Sticky Glutinous Rice Candy

Did you ever suck a chewing gum ? How do you taste it ? sweet, sticky and soft of course. This texture also happens when you chew a dodol, a sweet candy made from glutinous rice flour palm sugar  and coconut milk. Dodol can find mostly in special event,wedding party or Islamic Holiday event (Lebaran). When you visit to Medan, the capital city of North Sumatera, you will find Dodol shop called Dodol Bengkel, 40 kilometers out of the city to the south. Dodol Bengkel is suitable for souvenir of your whole family You will find any flavors such as original, durian,beans, pandan and also can free taste it which flavour suitable for you.

But if you can't visit here, I'll give you a receipe to make a Dodol Bengkel and now you will find them on your own kitchen.The cooking time depending on you. If you like it chewy and dense, stir it constantly for about 11/2 to 2 hours. Ready to take notes ?, Here I serve :

Five notice you must take really notes  :
1) Stir constantly, or the dodol will easily get burnt and destroy the texture and taste.
2) Use LOW Fire.
3) For a better taste, use Gula Merah (brown sugar), not dark brown sugar.
4) If you keep the dodol into a container, make sure the dodol is completely cool, before you lid on.

I used 11/2 to 2 hours making this dodol., because I like chewy and dense dodol.

400-500gm Gula merah (brown sugar), cut into pieces
50 - 100 ml water

150 ml water
500 glutinous rice flour
900 ml coconut milk...about 4 coconut

200 gm sugar

Cook (A) until all the Gula Merah dissolve, strain and keep a side for later use.
Mix ingredients (B), strain and pour it into a wok.
Cook over LOW heat, and stir constantly, until it becomes slightly thick.
Add in Gula Merah and keep stirring.
Add in coarse sugar, and stir.
Keep stirring until dodol becomes really thick , heavy and separating from the walls of the wok.
Pour it out into a heat safe dish, container .
Allow it to completely cooled.
Cut it into strip, square or diamond shape and serve.
Chop  Gula Merah
Add water, and cook until the Gula Merah dissolve.
Strain and keep a side.
Mix glutinous rice, coconut milk and water, strain
Cook in a wok until thick
Begin to thick
Add in brown sugar (gula merah) , keep stiring 
See, it is very hard for it to come together, at this point add coarse sugar
After adding coarse sugar, it become smooth and shiny,,,,yay!! If you like thin and runny dodol, you can dish up at this stage.
If you're like me , like the chewy type, keep stirring until you get thick , heavy and separate from wallsof the wok.
Cut them as you like.

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