Flannel Crafts, Simple And Easy Made

Flannel Crafts, Simple And Easy Made

Want to make a simple craft from flannel ? You should not miss my craft tutorial. My first article will guide you to produce some crafts made from flannel. Flannel is a kind of wool, soft texture and colorful. Thats why, various crafts can be made from flannel. You can buy the flannel from craft material shop or by utilizing material from textile waste. Here also will provide you a new business opportunity with the potential profits.With your creativity and idea, flannel can be processed into an unique craft and attractive looking. 

Did you think what kind of handycraft fit to flannel material ? follow my tips.

Making Frog Looking Keychain

You need the materials such as : cotton (to fill the shape of body), scissors, sewing needles, frog craft pattern (you should made it before), glue dan some other suplementary materials.

The steps are :
  • Design your frog pattern.
  • Paste your pattern to your flannel and cut the two layers flannel as your pattern. 
  • Be careful cutting and look my cut flannel. 
  • Attach additional accessories as eyes, ear or mouth using glue. hmmmmm
  • Stick left, up, right side using festoon puncture, but not for bottom side.
  • Fill the cotton from bottom side and now you can stick all side of the pattern.
  • Add a hanger at the top side


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