Kunyit Asam, Turmeric Juice With Tamarind

Kunyit Asam, Turmeric Juice With Tamarind

Over thousand years ago, Kunyit Asam was being most recommended of Javanese traditional medicine (Jamu). Now I publish this article and I've found better ways to do some of it. It's less time to complete, 15 minutes to prep; 15 minutes altogether for made it. This traditional beverages has the function of reducing body odour, refreshing, smoothing and slimming body. So, here is the secret receipe :

Ingredients :
  • 1 kg turmeric
  • 1kg palm sugar (brown sugar)
  • 250 gr black tamarind
  • salt as much as needed
  • 3 liters of mineral water

Directions :
  1. Peel turmeric and wash it and slice it.
  2. Grind or blend the sliced turmeric.
  3. Pour the ground turmeric into a deep pan and add the rest of the ingredients
  4. Bring it to boil, stir it occasionally.
  5. Once it is boiled strain the mixture.
  6. Add brown sugar and tamarind , mix it.
  7. Let it cool off
  8. Serve better with some ice cubes


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