Pakkat, Fresh Craft's Material For Special Culinary

Pakkat, Fresh Craft's Material For Special Culinary

Do you know what rattan  is and its used for ? If you go to handycraft's shop, you will find various souvenirs and houseware craft made from rattan such as chairs and photo frame.You can't believe it if this craft's material is being  special culinary and you must taste it .Pakkat become a fasting (iftar) menu for Ramadhan. All Sumatran knows the benefit of pakkat for your diet, reduce colds and thirst-quenching.

Pakkat taken from shoots rattan plants where grow wild in the wood or river banks and you only find on South of Tapanuli.I will show you how to to make it :

  • Cut the fresh rattan 1 meter length
  • Grill it using coconut shell for about 15 minutes or the rattan become soft 
  • Peel the bark and take pakkat from inside.
  • Cut white soft pakkat as you want
  • Serve with sauce or chilli


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