6 Unique Paper Toys Ever Accompany Your Childhood

6 Unique Paper Toys Ever Accompany Your Childhood

Before the smartphone era, paper is a true fiend of children. The children with 7 up to 12 years old makes notebook become source of paper toys. They tear their notebook paper and start crate some paper toys into various shape such as an aeroplane, ship , house and other creative shape. Floaded paper with a certain pattern has to resemble uniques object for some toys.

Lets get start grap a piece of  scrap paper to memorize and prove whether now you are still remember your child skill to create these unique objects.

These are the childhood pape rtoys to be made :

Throwing star : Do you still remember that Ninja fighter wearing a mask and unique weapon ? Yes, one of unique weapon is throwing star. Throwing star is a similar object fron four pointed star formed from a sheet of paper which is folded  four to shape sharp at the end. To play this throwing star , throw sideway or upright.

Robot Mask : We called create a Jiban Mask. When viewed from the front, it is really the part Jiban muzzles cool and pointed hat over it. Other creation is making a Power Ranger mask.

Crane : Not many children can make this folding art. This paper cranes is known as high level of complexity and full focus. Even adults cannot make this one.

Boat : Rainy day is the best moment to play the paper boat. Why ? because we can play speed paper boat racing. To make this one is quite difficult because there are technique behind the bend is prone to make paper tears.However, this boat almost like a real boat


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