A Simple Christmast Craft

A Simple Christmast Craft

They were easy to make and use materials that you probably already have around the house :: craft sticks, glue, paint, and glitter.
Here’s how we did it…
DIY Glitter Stars - An Easy Christmas Craft and Decoration

Glitter Stars :: A Simple Christmas Craft

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Wood star craft 01
First, we glued five popsicle sticks together into a star shape. We used a glue gun, which meant they dried quickly, but you can use wood glue or Elmer’s white glue if you prefer.
Wood star craft 06
Next, we painted one side of the stars with paint mixed with a bit of white glue and sprinkled glitter on the wet paint.
Wood star craft 07
We let the paint dry, then turned the stars over and repeated the paint and glitter treatment on the other side.
Wood star craft 19
Finally, I hung our little glitter stars from the ceiling using thread tied around one corner.
I tied the other end to some twine that I ran along the ceiling, but I could have tied it to the Christmas light string just as easily. Or taped up the other end.
Wood star craft 16
Here’s the view of the glitter stars as you look into the dining area.
Wood star craft 26
And here’s the view as you look toward the Christmas tree.
Wood star craft 21
I love the glitter stars hanging from the ceiling like this, with the glitter reflecting the light from the Christmas lights!
I think they would make pretty great Christmas tree ornaments, too. And gift tags/decorations.
What Christmas crafts, ornaments, or decorations have you been making? (Or plan to make?)
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