Creative Way To Make A Helicopter Toy

Creative Way To Make A Helicopter Toy

This toy is the model of learning creativity to develop your children skill. I teach this model to my english class with a lerning community model. Student should create a helicopter with the material prepared and the should present in front of class with their work.

The material :
  • a plastic bottle
  • ice cream stick
  • Dinamo
  • a cable
  • box-shaped battery
  • glue
  • Cutter
  • Plier
  • Lego toys 

How to make it :

Separate the head with the bottle. Use the bottle head to form head of helicopter.

Glue the es cream stick on the edge until like a board. Ajust your stick with your bottle to cover the back side.
Measure the stick with the bottle and cut as the pattern

Paste the board stick to design the bottom part of the body

Design two stick to make propellers

Assemble the battery and  Put lego toy as the pilot
The helicopter is ready to fly

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